Sunday, November 1, 2009

A marriage of inconvenience

Lately I have been wondering what has come over the opposition in Gambia. But the thought of the perilous condition under which they operate leaves me with Justify Fulllittle basis to blame them entirely for the predicament that faces the country.
As time unfolds, reasons of passed and present happenings reveal themselves. One very important thing that recently captures my attention is the delirious ranting that continues to come from that tragedy of a figure, Waa Juwara. I can remember someone at the heart of the APRC establishment confiding in me in those hopeful formative days of the now almost whacked opposition alliance grouping, the National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD), that this guy had been planted within as part of plans to frustrate efforts to achieve the real purpose of the alliance.
Unfortunately for Gambians that malicious intent was achieved, thanks to Waa’s unbecoming and premature behaviour all over the place. But after such an epic malevolence achievement, I expect this guy to keep quiet and enjoy his benefit, the reward of appointment, first at the ridiculous position of a local government area councillor, and then as a governor. But that is not Waa. It is only death that will silence him. That is one of the negative implications of studying in the former Soviet Union and failing to upgrade oneself. Jammeh knows this very well about Waa. No wonder he threw him at the Lower River Region where he is likely to have problem making telephone calls. Besides, what are political puppets for? To be used and dumped; that is all. Between Yahya Jammeh and Lamin Waa Juwara, it is just a matter of time. All I have to say is that this is a marriage of inconvenience we are witnessing.
I assume the rest of the opposition people in Gambia equally know this about Waa, and that is all the more reason why I do not expect people like Ousainou Darboe or Femi Peters and the rest of the opposition community to react to him, because when you do, you are only helping him in legitimising his worthless views. But more importantly, you are giving him the voice he so desperately desires.
The man is so desperate for a platform to voice himself out that he is capable of luring half-baked reporters to publish whatever nonsensical statement he utters in the name of freedom of speech.
I have the feeling that what I have found out to be a dangerously erroneous piece of news published by the respectable AFP news agency must have come from no one order than Waa. He is of the habit of cornering reporters and enticing them into giving him space to make irresponsible statements. I do hope that AFP will have the courtesy to question their person in Gambia and find out about the authenticity of that report. We do not know AFP for this sort of erroneous publication.
Yes, there is/was a coalition of five political parties that formed what is now called NADD (National Alliance for Democracy and Development) and not National Democratic Alliance Movement, which in fact has never existed in the Gambia as a political party, before or after independence. I have searched throughout the World Wide Web; the conclusion of my finding is that it is only AFP that published such a joke and demeaning release, which I blame on their clearly unethical reporter. Such a statement could only have come from a sell-out like Waa Juwara. It is therefore unfair for it to be portrayed as a statement from the Coalition. It sent shock waves through my spine.
Even as that article was been published, a section of the opposition in Gambia, which forms part of NADD, was battling with that very same government for campaign space, despite the spacious nature of Serrekunda. How can it be correct under such circumstance to report that the opposition is calling on Gambians to support a vicious government?
And for Waa Juwara to say that the opposition in Gambia is dead, as published on the Daily News in Gambia is a shameful indictment on himself, for someone who spent his whole life in the opposition wing, despite been the master political scientist he considers himself.
His unwarranted condemnation of respectable and principled people like Femi Peters in that interview further exposed a deep seated feeling of jealousy and hatred Waa harbours for Peters; but it also tells the real side of a frustrated bigot.
I hope you have come to the ultimate realisation that your days in Gambia’s political platform are over, because you have joined the wrong group. As a neo-Nazi-like bully, you have no place in a vindictive system like the APRC, because, (1) you are no asset anymore and you have no political followership; (2) you are mouthy, and president Jammeh wants people who will do only what he tells them to do; (3) you are obsessed for power, and president Jammeh thinks he was sent down to die for Gambians in that State House in Banjul; (4) you are intolerant, and two intolerant people can not fit in the same boat - the simple physics rule – (like charges repel, unlike charges attracts); (5) you are a thorough-bred tribalist, and Jammeh can not watch you outshine him in that game. By the way, you remember what you said to Baba Jobe at the entrance of the High Court in Banjul when he was being escorted to his cell in Mile 2 after been sentenced? That Jammeh is anti-Mandingo? What has changed since then, Waa? Or are you trying to fool the present Grand Master of Gambian politics? Remember, he has spent all these years reading contemporary literature, while you wallow in an illusory feeling of supremacy in political science with your old fashion Soviet Union theories.
I have spoken to many people who, at one point, were so much convinced that you were sincere in the stance you took; so much so that they could even shed their blood for your course. But your present demonstrations of dishonesty have made them shun politics as a practice. So stop fooling yourself with the thought that you have a political base, you have none. You can never do what people like Yankaba Touray has not done.

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