Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Media: Kurt Schork Awards shortlist is out

By Kemo Cham
This award by the Thompson Reuters Foundation has a lot to do with Sierra Leone yet very little, if anything, is known about it here.
First launched in 2002, it was established in honor of American freelance journalist Kurt Schork, who was killed that year while on assignment for Reuters in Sierra Leone.
The awards, which come in two parts, and are unique to the print media, recognise the work of reporters who seek to illuminate the human condition through courageous reporting of conflict, corruption, human rights transgressions and other fundamental issues of the day.
The local reporter category recognises the often over-looked work of journalists in developing nations or countries in transition who write about events in their homeland. The second category is for freelance journalists who travel to the world’s conflict zones, usually at great personal risk, to witness and report the impact and consequences of events.
Such works can encompass war reporting, human rights issues, cross-border troubles, corruption or other controversial matters impacting on people’s lives. Judges look for professionalism, high journalistic standards, and evidence of dedication and courage in obtaining the story.

The finalist for the 2016 Awards, the fifteenth edition, were unveiled on last week. Four Nigerian journalists are among seven Africans who made the short list of 16 in the 2016 edition. Other African journalists in the shortlist come from Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Egypt.
On the Freelance category are: James Harkin (Ireland), Antony Lowenstein (Australia), Jeong May (Canada), Sara Williams (UK/Canada), Sophie McBain (UK), Eric Reidy (USA), Iona Craig (Ireland) and Philip Obaji (Nigeria).
On the Local Reporter category are: Fisayo Soyombo (Nigeria), Aylaa Abo Shahba (Egypt), Chitrangada Choudhury (India), Montanrayo Joel (Nigeria), Olatunji Ololade (Nigeria), Ray Mwareya (Zimbabwe), Umer Ali (Pakistan) and Brian Ligomeka (Malawi).
The organizers said 93 entries were received in all – 37 of them freelance and 56 local reporters – from 36 countries.
Each entrant is required to submit three articles published between June 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016.
The winner in each category will be announced in September. The 2016 Presentation Ceremony, hosted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in the Thomson Reuters Auditorium, Canary Wharf, London, is on Thursday evening, October 27.
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